Folding Arm Awnings Create a cool, shady outdoor area with a Folding Arm Awning. Folding Arm Awnings are retractable awnings that provide a fashionable canopy. Heavy-duty retractable arms mean the awning can be installed with a projection of up to 3.6 metres without the need for support posts. By joining the profiles in a series, […]

Auto Roll-Up Fabric Awnings Protect your home and cut down your cooling expenses with Australian-made Automatic Roll-Up Fabric Awnings. Fabric Awnings reduce the total heat load on and in your house, minimising the need for supplementary cooling. Your valuable carpets, curtains and furniture will be protected from direct or reflected sun damage. The close-fitting design […]

Patio & Café Awnings are perfect for enclosing pergolas, verandahs and outdoor living areas, providing privacy and weather protection. We offer wire guide, cord & pulley and various channel guides in a wide range of fabrics and PVC materials. Custom-made to suit your specific needs, Patio & Café Awnings are designed […]

Fixed Canopy Metal Awnings provide an alternative low-cost solution to the damage caused by Australia’s harsh climate. Produced from multi-rib cross-section Tru-steel panels, its rigid strength will provide greater wind resistance and protection against hail and storm damage. Ideal to protect entry ways or patios from the elements. With our large […]

Aluminium Louvre Awnings are light and durable and are an ideal way to control privacy whilst at the same time not obstructing air flow or the view. Aluminium Louvre blades also reflect up to 90% of the heat normally transmitted through a window, which can significantly reduce energy costs for your […]

Aluminium Privacy Screens are a modern, seemless design that will add value to your home. Suited to gate features, presentation walls, fencing and privacy screening, they are often used as features or highlights in modern architecture. Aluminium Privacy Screens are available in either flat or louvred styles with 65mm elliptical slats. […]